A Captain's Log S04E03 Doug Drexler: Makeup/Visual Arts plus much more in Hollywood and on Star Trek
Bryan Kreutz and Lili Fox-Lim welcome Joanna Ferbrache in their new science in Star Trek segment titled "Tractor Beam me!
Host Lili Fox-Lim seems convinced Bryan Kreutz, her host comrade, is perhaps an Aenar, considering he's a peacemaker

Tractor Beam Me

2 weeks ago
Bryan Kreutz and Lili Fox-Lim first do a "Tractor Beam me!" challenge with Joanna Ferbrache in a phaser's origin story
Bryan Kreutz and Lili Fox-Lim continue their interview Tanya Lemani in part two. Before the interview resumes, news is revealed
Bryan, the Ambassador to the fans, (Star Trek fans), Lili, and Rogg conclude their two-part interview with actress Rachael Ancheril
A Captain's Log S02E09 “Rachael Ancheril - Life as a successful actress in camera-front, part 2”

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